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e-businesses gain significant value by leveraging the activities of other organizations in their surrounding business environment. Beyond the usual strategy questions that board members ask is whether the economic goal to realize un-precedented growth and or act defensively to out-maneuver competitive advances in ecommerce?

If the goal is to aggressively pursue growth, then you are seeking crisp answers to the following questions:

Note that the focus for Board members is not on technology but on insuring that top management as a firm grasp of fast-evolving customer needs


In addition to helping the company exploit changes in its immediate business environment board members can help identify and explore opportunities and threats in related areas. Identifying these less obvious areas blends the external perspective of board members with their detailed understanding of the company's business. Questions that help to systematically identify these opportunities include:

Threats & Opportunities


An e-business increases shareholder value as much by its ability to capture Early Mover share of new markets as by adapting and capitalizing on changing market conditions. Board members can contribute most by helping match the growing internal capabilities of your company to exploit trends in the changing in its surrounding business environment. These opportunities may be non-intuitive and require making connections that are not obvious. Systematic identification of market trends and initiatives helps the company increase the value of essential elements in the total service value chain and increase its bargaining power. Board members contribute significant value to e-businesses by leveraging the investments of other organizations to deliver extra return to the company's shareholders.

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Michael Tattersall works as a board member and consultant to Investors, Fortune 500 corporations and pre-IPO companies. His main focus is the realization of growth ambitions by leveraging the activities of other, complementary, organizations within the surrounding business environment.

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